• Competitive regions

    Berman Group is an international economic development consulting firm providing world-class advisory services in competitiveness, innovation and regional development. We love what we do. And we’re very good at it. But we want to be better. Do you have a challenge for us? Do you have a complicated development issue? Help us become better!

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  • Strategic planning

    Strategic planning is a standard development technique. Everyone knows it and everyone has done it. Maybe that’s why people no longer feel the desire to do it again. Maybe it’s because the real power of strategic planning has remained hidden to many. At Berman Group, we believe in strategic planning. It’s our business. Let us show you how it should be done!

  • Value-added analytics

    Have you noticed that analytical reports tend to be long, descriptive and full of charts and tables? Have you seen an analysis that actually pinpointed the most important issues, revealed their causes and consequences? Suggested ways to address them? We hope you have. But if not, let us assist you!

  • Triple Helix

    Do your researchers, policymakers and corporate managers talk to each other openly and often? Do they co-operate, co-create, co-develop, co-finance and co-own? Do you think it doesn’t matter that they don’t? We believe these relationships are essential to economic development. Let’s get them out of their boxes. We’ll show you how!

  • Innovation and competitiveness

    It’s really simple. If you can help firms innovate and compete, they’ll grow, invest, create jobs, attract other firms and generate resources that will improve the infrastructure, services and quality of life for your citizens.

  • Foreign direct investments

    You can do a lot of work at home to support the system of local value creation. But beware that it’s the multinational enterprises which govern global value chains. If you succeed in persuading them to become part of your local system, they’ll bring their global channels with them. And it’s not just about industrial property anymore. It’s getting trickier.

  • Creative Regional Marketing

    Regions compete for attention. They want investors, visitors, events, people, and business partners to believe that they’re the best place in the world. They invest a lot of money and brain power in trying to achieve this goal. Is your marketing / promotional system ready for this global battle? Do you have a system at all?

  • Global Value Networks

    In the age of globalization, as one can call the world’s stage of development today, economic success comes from the ability of locations to develop collaborative systems that can self-enhance their innovative capabilities.

  • Teaching economic development

    Economic development isn’t easy for everyone to comprehend. The field is rather new and under-resourced, especially in transition economies. The more complicated the issues you address, the more support and commitment you need from the people around you. We help explain the basics of economic development principles to communities.

  • Innovation monitor

    We have teamed up with an Auckland-based innovation consultancy, Ideas Accelerator, to customize their successful innovation capacity, performance and culture self-assessment tool, Innovation Monitor, for use by organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. Be among the first to participate. Write to us!

  • Changing the world

    At Berman Group, we have a mission. We assist those who commit to reinventing their communities – both economically and socially. We want to see our client regions pick up and stand out. We are building the no. 1 consultancy in regional economic development. Whether you’re a current or future customer, partner, colleague or friend, come join us.

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  • Regional / local economic development
  • Clusters, global value networks
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • Regional Innovation Systems
  • Knowledge transfer, commercialisation
  • Business and Innovation Infrastructure
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Human resources, skills, labor market
  • EU policy, International development


  • Value-added analyses and studies
  • Assessments, evaluations, audits
  • Surveys and qualitative research
  • Results-oriented strategic planning
  • Policy development, programming
  • Methodologies, concepts, frameworks
  • Innovation tool design and piloting
  • Process facilitation and coaching
  • Organisational consulting
  • Advanced training and certification


  • Information and communications technology
  • Life sciences & biotechnology
  • Environmental technology & agritech
  • Machinery & precission engineering
  • Automotive & components manufacturing
  • Electro-technical industry
  • Coal mining, metallurgy
  • Government, public administration